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We will explore 20 “Why” Statements in the Chapters that follow. Each Chapter holds a “story” within a “larger Story”. This book will be a continual reminder that we are here for a purpose. In that place of influence, are opportunities to experience Faith, Hope and Love; but the greatest of these is Love.


Chapter Eight

Why Love From a Distance Didn’t Work

Bette Midler sings a Song; “God is watching you from a distance.”  We are familiar with what “love from a distance” looks like. A disaster happens some place and we as concerning people give money to buy things to help from a sense of care and compassion. The disaster doesn’t really affect our lives directly or cause us personal pain. Why? “Compassion from a distance” isn’t really what you could call love in its purest form. We aren’t in the trenches where the pain is. We aren’t acquainted with the human trauma and misery “up close and personal”. Only those who are on the front line actually feel the “pain” of others, the suffering, the agony, the bewilderment, the confusion, the struggle to survive. In the trenches is where it becomes personal, a part of you; where your soul is joined to it and your heart aches right alongside with others.